Daily Practice

Daily Practice


Daily Practice is a non profit art and practice space. From June 1 2019 until May 31 2023 it was situated at de Volmarijnstraat 57a in Rotterdam West. The back of the space was intended for work. The front was used as exhibition and meditation space. The boundaries between back and front space were never clear and strict. From June 1 2023 Daily Practice will continue in other ways, with the same intention.

Daily Practice is interested in the attempt. In processes and questions which have to do with the daily practice of art and of life. Processes dealing with the making of work, questions of living a life. Questions every human being faces, for example regarding family, fear, trust, money, health, competition, friendship. Daily Practice is also interested in technics and insights of meditation. This can take the appearance of sitting on a cushion in silence, but is understood as an active approach to experience life and to deal with impermanence.

Needless to say that it is not required for the exhibiting artists to be interested in meditation. It is just that the aspect of meditation raises questions in how to translate daily life into an art practice and vice versa. And to find out how fluid or how solid the walls are. By showing art I hope to learn more about life, by living I find means to show art.

Daily Practice is interested in what an art space can be. It therefore also wishes to research the notions of hospitality and generosity.

Suzanne Weenink


Daily Practice was situated at the Volmarijnstraat 57a in Rotterdam West, between Nieuwe Binnenweg and Mathenesserlaan. The facade of Daily Practice was dominated by a big blue closed door. For each exhibition there were fixed opening hours, but if one couldn’t make it: any day, any hour was possible by appointment. Daily Practice will continue to be a space -without a physical space yet- for dialogue and connection.

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Daily Practice is financed by the generosity of the participating artists, by advising artists on grants and content of work, by working with artist Erik van Lieshout on projects and exhibitions.

Stichting Daily Practice Foundation exists since January 2021.